Adapting to extreme weather events

Habitation Adapting to extreme weather events

Every year, we are witness to numerous extreme weather events. One or more regions of Canada is hit every year by increasingly frequent and severe weather, whether strong winds, heavy rains, floods or forest fires. These events have a very real impact on the population, whether financial or human.

A front row seat for insurers

Losses caused by extreme weather events are definitely on the up. Thirty years ago, insured losses caused by these events totalled about $400 million a year. Now, they average $2.5 billions a year in Canada, based on the data compiled by Insurance Bureau of Canada*.

Protecting oneself better

We must adapt to this new reality. It all begins with a sound understanding of home insurance and the coverage offered. This helps us make better choices, based on the reality of our environment, and better protect ourselves against disasters.

Property maintenance is a key component. While aging municipal infrastructure may not always cope with heavy rains, you'll also need to be proactive when it comes to protecting your home. Even if your insurance policy covers the damage caused, we recommended that you be prepared to face the risks that severe weather can cause by stressing prevention.

Some advice on maintaining your property

  • Yearly, clean the gutters and downspouts, and make sure they're in good working order.
  • Maintain windows and window wells to help extend their useful life and prevent water seepage.
  • Don't skimp on repairing foundation cracks, as they'll only get worse.
  • Make sure storm sewer drains aren't blocked by sediment, leaves or debris.


  • Inspect your roof regularly.
  • Make sure your property is adequately graded to prevent water infiltration during heavy rains.
  • Trim your trees and bushes to avoid branches breaking off and hitting your house during storms.


  • Anchor heavy objects in your home
  • Secure your patio furniture and outside garbage cans
  • Have a 72 hours emergency kit handy

While we can't control adverse weather conditions and a changing climate, we can nevertheless prevent certain damages and make sure … we're well insured.



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*Sources: Insurance Bureau of Canada, CatIQ, 2023

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