What to do in case of flood damage?

Habitation What to do in case of flood damage?

Quebec frequently experiences episodes of flooding. If water gets into your home, you could receive assistance from your private insurer or the government. Here are the steps to follow.

Once you notice the damage:

  • Contact your insurer or broker as soon as possible to check whether you have insurance coverage and, if needed, open a claims file as quickly as possible.
  • Take every measure to avoid having the damage to your home get worse: limit infiltration and remove the water.
  • Dry out and disinfect the areas in your home that were flooded.
  • Keep receipts for all the expenses you incurred for accommodation or food, or to protect your home.

Private insurance and government assistance – which covers what?

You don't have flood insurance

If you don't have flood insurance, ask your insurer to confirm this for you in writing. This document is needed to file a claim with the Ministry of Public Safety (MSP). The government's Financial Assistance Program covers eligible property of owners and tenants.

To find out more about the Program, visit the MSP website.

You have flood insurance

File a claim with your private insurer.

The compensation amount you receive from your private insurer will pay for clean-up and repairs to the home, replacing furniture and for additional living expenses for accommodation and food, up to the coverage amount purchased.

If this amount is not enough to cover all the damage suffered, you can file a claim with the Ministry of Public Safety (MSP). Note that you cannot be compensated by your insurer and by the government for the same items.

The government's Program provides compensation for essential items. If the damaged items are not eligible for reimbursement under the Program, they may be claimed from your insurer. The claims adjuster handling your file will help you establish with whom you should file a claim for the damaged items.

What happens if you're ordered to evacuate?

Individuals under an evacuation order because of flooding should contact their insurer and find out whether they are entitled to reimbursement of additional living expenses. The reimbursement period and amount, where applicable, are subject to the policy limits.

If you are not covered under your insurance policy, you could be compensated under the government's Financial Assistance Program.

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