The steps involved in settling a claim are essentially the same whether it’s for a traffic accident, theft or vandalism.

The important thing to remember is to contact your insurer as soon as possible to have your claim handled by an adjuster. And make sure to ask for a police report for any situation involving theft, severe collision, vandalism or a hit-and-run.

1. Verification of the insurance policy and included coverage

At this step, the adjuster will verify the validity of your policy, the included coverage and your liability in the case of a collision.

This verification will determine whether or not your policy covers the damage.

2. Vehicle damage estimate

This step is necessary to determine the cost of the damage and the terms for repairing your vehicle, taking into account current repair techniques. This is also the step during which it is determined if the vehicle can be repaired or if it should be declared a total loss.

The options selected in the policy will determine whether the vehicle will be repaired with new or used parts or, in the case of a total loss, whether your indemnity will correspond to the value of the vehicle at the time of the loss (depreciated value) or to its replacement value.

3. Vehicle repair or replacement

If your vehicle can be repaired, it may be repaired at a body shop of your choice or one recommended by your insurer.

If you choose the body shop, make sure it is competent and that the work is done in accordance with the specifications agreed upon with your insurer.


Consult the Groupement des assureurs automobiles' website for everything about auto claims settlement.

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