Has a fire seriously damaged the building in which your apartment is located? Has major water damage rendered your home uninhabitable? Such unfortunate events may require you to leave your home temporarily.

Uninhabitable home?

Few policyholders know this, but a home insurance policy includes coverage for additional expenses incurred for food and accommodation after a loss.

For this coverage to apply, however, your home insurance policy must include protection for loss that renders your home uninhabitable.

This protection covers the expenses you incur over and above what you normally pay. It’s important to note that the reimbursement of additional living expenses is subject to a maximum amount.

For example:

It normally costs you $100 a day for food and accommodation.
Because of the loss, you’re now paying $200 in hotel and restaurant expenses.
The insurer will reimburse you the additional $100 ($200-$100) you pay.

Evacuation order or prohibition of access

Your apartment and belongings weren’t damaged, but you were forced to leave the premises? The authorities won’t allow you back into your house for safety reasons?

Depending on your insurance policy, additional living expenses may be eligible for reimbursement in such circumstances. Generally speaking, the event that prompted the evacuation order or prohibition of access must be covered.  Be sure to keep invoices and receipts for expenses incurred and contact your insurer.

Contact your insurer

Your insurer can adjust your coverage to increase the maximum reimbursement amount and duration. Talk to your broker or insurer to find out about your insurance coverage and to increase it, if need be.

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