5 misconceptions about earthquakes in Quebec

Are we safe from an earthquake in Quebec? Let's clear out some myths about earthquakes.

1- Quebec isn’t an earthquake risk zone.

Every year, on average, 400 quakes are felt in Eastern Canada, and the likelihood of a major quake striking Quebec is real.

2- In Quebec, there are only tremors, which aren’t felt.

Quebec has already experienced strong magnitude quakes. There’s a 5% to 20% probability of having such a quake within the next 50 years, depending on the regions where you live. Its impact would be devastating close to an urban centre*.

Earthquakes in Quebec : some stats


  • Likelihood of a major quake in the next 50 years: 5% to 20%
  • Number of quakes that strike Eastern Canada every year: 400 
  • Quebecers actually covered for earthquake risk: 4%

3- My home insurance covers me for earthquake risk.

Note, only 4% of Quebecers are actually covered for earthquake risk, while 33% wrongly believe they are*. To be covered under your home insurance, you need additional coverage (endorsement). 

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4- If an earthquake strikes, I must take shelter in a doorway. 

Since doorframes are no stronger than walls, the safest solution is to take cover indoors under a solid piece of furniture.  As recommended on La Grande Secousse website, take only a few steps before you:

  • DROP to the ground
  • TAKE COVER under a desk or solid table
  • HOLD ON until the quake stops.

During an earthquake, it’s important to take cover, not move around. Injuries are rarely caused by the quakes themselves. Most often, they’re caused by crumbling walls, shattering windows and flying objects.

Stay inside until the quake has stopped and you’re sure you can go outside without any danger. 

5- There’s no way you can prepare for a quake.  

True, earthquakes can’t be prevented, but you can take measures to be ready! Check out our7 tips to secure your home and be prepared for such an event. 

The La Grande Secousse drill (French only) is also a perfect opportunity to practice the steps to take should a quake strike.


Be prepared.
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