Prevent your car from being stolen

Can't do without your car? There are steps you can take to minimize the risks of having it stolen.

6 effective measures

  1. Never leave your vehicle running unattended

  2. Always lock your car doors

  3. Park in secure and well-lit parking lots

  4. Never leave your belongings in the car in plain sight

  5. Never attach a tag with your name or address to your key ring

  6. Never hide a spare key inside or outside the vehicle in a magnetic box. Every thief knows that trick!


Were your belongings stolen from your car?

In 2015, about 22,600 thefts of items from vehicles took place in Quebec. What if your car is vandalized and your laptop is stolen? Your home insurance will cover the items stolen from your car. You'll have two claims to file. One to your car insurer for damage to the vehicle. The other to your home insurer for the theft of your laptop. 

Don't have home insurance? In that case, you won't be covered for the items stolen from your car. See more information

Do you own a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle?

In Quebec, nearly 1,300 motorcycles and more than 3,700 off-road vehicles were stolen in 2011. Did you know that you can prevent this type of theft? Just adding a lock can dissuade thieves and make their job harder. Something to think about!


Be prepared.
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