Prevent your car from being stolen

Can't do without your car? There are steps you can take to minimize the risks of having it stolen.

Beware of electronic auto theft

Technology used in vehicles is evolving, and so are theft techniques! This is the case with electronic theft, a way for thieves to target cars with a remote key or a keyless push-button starter. They are hackers who remotely pick up the transmitter signal from the electronic keychain or computer system of the vehicle itself to unlock and steal it without having to damage the lock.

8 measures to counter theft

  1. Never leave your vehicle running unattended with the keys in the car.

  2. Always lock your vehicle.

  3. At home, store your keys in a safe place, away from front doors or in a special metal case, especially if it's an electronic key.

  4. Park in a garage or in a secure and well-lit parking lot.

  5. Do not leave insurance and registration certificates in the car.

  6. Never leave your belongings in the car in plain sight.

  7. Find out about engraving parts or installing a tracking system. Several insurers could offer discounts for this type of coverage.

  8. Never hide a spare key inside or outside the vehicle in a magnetic box. Every thief knows that trick!


Car theft decreasing... but more expensive

In recent years, the number of claims for a stolen vehicle has significantly declined in Quebec.

In 2018, there were 4,955 claims for a total compensation amount of $110 million. However, these thefts are more expensive, with the average cost of auto claims at $22,354 in 2018, according to figures from the Groupement des assureurs automobiles. High-end vehicles remain the most popular.

Were belongings stolen from your car?

Property thefts are also committed in vehicles each year in Quebec. Your vehicle was vandalized and your laptop was stolen? It is your home insurance that will compensate you for stolen property in your car. You will then have two claims to make. The first to your car insurer for your damaged vehicle, and a second to your home insurer for the theft of your computer.

Don't have home insurance? In that case, you won't be covered for the items stolen from your car. See more information

Do you own a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle?

Did you know that you can prevent this type of theft? Just adding a lock can dissuade thieves and make their job harder. That's something to consider!



Be prepared.
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