Avoid buying a stolen vehicle

Reading through the classifieds, you find a used car with low mileage. And the price is incredibly low, given the car model, year and condition. Should you buy it? 

In fact, you should be suspicious if the price is ridiculously low. Or if the seller offers you a discount and asks to be paid in cash. 

Check it out

Even if you have to pay to check out certain information, it could save you a lot of hassle. Get information from the agency in question. 

1. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Write down the VIN as it appears on the dashboard.
  • Ask the seller for the vehicle's registration certificate.
  • Compare the VIN printed on the dashboard with the VIN on the registration certificate.
  • The numbers should be identical. If they're not, don't buy the car.

2. Canadian Police Information Centre

3. Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RDPRM)

  • Check with the RDPRM to see if this vehicle is debt free. This information is important because if you buy a vehicle that is not fully paid, it can be seized by the creditor.

4. The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)

  • Check with the SAAQ whether the used car dealer is licensed. Call 1 866 702-9215 to find out if he has a valid license.
  • Ask for the car's history file. It should give you the vehicle's transaction dates and owners' names.

5. Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

  • Have the vehicle authenticated by contacting IBC Investigative Services.
      514 933-8953, ext. 225

Be prepared.
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