Modify your insurance policy

There are many reasons to make changes to your auto insurance policy. Have you moved? Do you now use your car to get to work or earn an income? Do you regularly travel outside Quebec? Is your child now driving the family car?

These are all changes that should be discussed with your agent or broker, who can inform you about the coverage that best meets your current needs and adjust your policy if need be.

To renew or not?

Your insurer is required to send you a notice of renewal 30 days prior to the policy maturity date. If you do business with a broker, then it's your broker who sends you the insurer's renewal notice. If you don't reply, your car insurance policy is automatically renewed.

You may decide not to renew your policy or to switch insurance companies. That's your right. If that's the case, you should let your agent or broker know.

Renewing is a good time to review your premium. If you find a lower premium, make sure the two policies are identical. A lower premium could mean less coverage.

Your insurer may also decide not to renew your insurance policy. Why? Perhaps you haven't paid your premium. Or you've made a high number of claims. If that's the case, you'll receive a notice of non-renewal.

Cancel your insurance policy

You can cancel your insurance policy at any time and for any reason. You can do so by simply informing your insurer in writing. However, your insurer may charge you a penalty.  This is set out in the cancellation table appended to your policy. The longer the remaining policy term, the higher the penalty. Check to see whether it's really worth it.

Your insurer also has the right to cancel your policy no matter the reason. However, your insurer must notify you within 60 days of the policy coming into force. After this period, your insurer can only cancel your policy if:

  • You haven't paid your premium
  • You represent a higher risk since:
    • You changed vehicle model
    • You changed the main use you make of your vehicle
    • You've had several losses
    • etc.
Auto tips

Newcomer to insurance: starting out right

You have started to drive. Whether you have a learner's or a probationary licence, you must inform your insurer immediately. Click to find out more.


Be prepared.
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