Have you been in an accident with another motorist? There are two things to remember at the scene of an accident.

  • If anyone is injured, call 911.
  • In the case of a minor accident, there is no need to call the police. Simply fill out a Joint Report.

If you don’t have one, write down the other driver’s name, address and phone number, along with the driver’s licence, registration and insurance certificate numbers. 

Steps to follow

1. Contact your insurer

Contact your insurer immediately to report the accident. An adjuster will then take over your claim and verify your contract’s validity as well as your chosen coverage.  The adjuster will then determine your liability for the accident. 

Are you 0%, 50% or 100% liable?  A document called a Direct Compensation Agreement will be used to determine this.

Your liability for the accident, as well as your chosen coverage, determine whether or not you are covered for damage resulting from a collision.

You will be compensated if you purchased Collision or All Perils coverage under Section B of your policy. You'll have to pay the policy deductible.

If you only purchased the civil liability (Section A of your policy), you will not be compensated.

You weren't at fault for the accident? You'll be compensated by your insurer even if you didn't purchase Collision coverage.

And you won't have to pay the policy deductible.

Auto tips

Newcomer to insurance: starting out right

You have started to drive. Whether you have a learner's or a probationary licence, you must inform your insurer immediately. Click to find out more.


Be prepared.
Download the Joint Report application!