As a co-owner, you are responsible for purchasing home insurance for your condo, which covers the following:

  • Your civil liability. This is mandatory and covers damage that you may unintentionally cause to others.   
  • Your personal property. Some property is subject to a payment limit following a claim. If the value of your personal property exceeds the payout amount under your policy, you can adjust it. Consult our property inventory tool to help you evaluate the coverage amount you need to protect all your personal property.
  • Your improvements. Everything that is added to your condo unit and which is not part of the reference unit, as listed in the description of the private portions provided by your syndicate. 
  • Apportionment. This covers the amount your co-ownership syndicate could claim from you to pay its deductible or to repair damage, based on your share. This is called Extension of Coverage – Loss Assessment.
  • Additional living expenses.

    In addition, make sure your condo insurance protects you against the risks to which you could be exposed in your condo, and those that may be required under your declaration of co-ownership. 

  • Usual perils such as fire, theft or vandalism, or (All Perils or Specified Perils) for a broader range of risks.
  • Additional coverage (endorsements) such as sewer back-up, overflow of a body of water, etc. The syndicate could claim amounts from you, i.e., for sewer back-up, even if you live on a higher floor. You need to have this coverage to ensure that your loss assessment coverage applies.
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Do co-owners need home insurance?

You may well ask if co-owners need home insurance, since the condo corporation already has an insurance policy.


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