Making access to home insurance easier

Did you know that there is a process to help consumers obtain an insurance policy to cover their primary residence when they have difficulty finding one on their own? This is the home insurance access mechanism, a service provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

An insurance that is often needed

As of October 15, 2020, the law requires all co-owners to have civil liability insurance, included in a homeowner’s insurance policy. Although home insurance is not a legal obligation for Quebec homeowners, it’s often required when obtaining or renewing a mortgage. Also note that many rental property managers require their tenants to have home insurance when signing or renewing their lease.

To meet the needs of these homeowners, co-owners and tenants, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, in cooperation with its members, has created the home insurance access mechanism.

When it’s impossible to get insured

It is important to note that the home insurance access mechanism only applies to the main residence and does not replace the steps that policyholders need to take to find insurance themselves.

The Insurance Information Centre, which offers this service for free, will be able to help eligible consumers who have been unsuccessfully trying to find insurance for their home. It’s also worth noting that agents will not intervene in negotiating insurance costs. 

Some restrictions apply

The Information Centre cannot intervene in cases where a home insurance application is rejected because of a false declaration (at the time of underwriting or filing a claim), fraud or a criminal record in relation to said insurance.

Accessing the service

First get in touch with an agent at the Insurance Information Centre for instructions to check whether you’re eligible.


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