Flooded vehicle: what to do?

Think water damage only affects your home? Think again. Snowmelt, torrential rains, rising waters, or sewer back-up, they all represent a risk to drivers.

Auto insurance policies cover flooding

Damage to your vehicle (auto, motorcycle or RV) caused by flooding is covered under “all perils”, “all perils other than collision or upset” or “specified perils” coverage.

Good to know
Most drivers have such coverage.


What should you do if your vehicle is flooded?

A flood-damaged vehicle is no longer safe and should never be started. Water damages the electronics and can corrode certain components. Forget about that image of a completely submerged vehicle: once water covers the floor, the situation is critical!

In many cases, a flood-damaged vehicle will be deemed “unrebuildable”. This means it can never be put back on the road and only some of its parts can be recycled. Your auto insurer will determine whether the vehicle is unrebuildable, based on criteria established by the SAAQ. 

To find out more, go to the SAAQ site: 


Filing a claim for a flooded vehicle:

  • Never move the vehicle. It must be towed or transported.
  • Contact your insurer right away.
  • Follow the instructions you are given



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