Coverage during a move

You don’t need special insurance coverage to protect your belongings during your move. Your home insurance policy covers your belongings, both in your new home and your old home for a period of 30 days. You can therefore move with peace of mind, even if you move in stages.

During the move

This additional coverage is included at no charge under your home insurance policy. Obviously, to take advantage of the coverage, your policy must be in effect when you move. However, this coverage only applies if no other policy covers your belongings.

During the move, don't tempt thieves by leaving the moving van or your belongings unattended.

You should also note that your belongings are insured during the move under your policy coverage. For example, coverage may vary depending on whether you have Comprehensive or Specified Perils coverage.

For example, if you drop your TV during the move and it no longer works, you’ll be indemnified if you have Comprehensive coverage. However, you won’t be covered if you have Specified Perils coverage.


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