Changes to divided co-ownership insurance: find out more about improvements

A number of changes were made to the coverage for divided co-ownership insurance following amendments to the legislation that governs divided co-ownership in Quebec. One of these changes addresses improvements.

Description of reference units: a new obligation for syndicates 

Under the legislation, co-ownership syndicates must now make a description of reference units in the building. As a co-owner, this will help you more easily determine what improvements were made to your unit. Everything that is not included in this description will be considered an improvement that you must insure under your co-owner insurance policy.


Your reference unit includes a melamine kitchen counter that you replaced with a granite counter. Your co-owner insurance policy must provide for an amount to cover the difference in value between the melamine and the granite. In the event of a loss, the syndicate’s insurance policy would cover the value of the melamine counter, while your co-owner insurance policy would cover the surplus amount that corresponds to the value of your granite counter.

Why is this important? This exercise allows the syndicate to adequately insure the building, since its insurance policy covers the various elements of the reference unit for each unit.  It also allows you as a co-owner to purchase adequate insurance to cover your improvements.   

Tool to help co-ownership syndicate establishing reference units descriptions:

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