Are you at risk of flooding?

In insurance, a flood is when a natural body of water overflows and reaches your home or land. It can be caused by rising waters, torrential rain, snow melt, ice jams, etc.

How do you know if your home is located in a flood zone?

Contact your municipality and your RCM to find out about the flood risk and by-laws in effect in your residential area. Citizens can also access the Ministry of Public Safety’s app Géo-Inondations.

Insurance in flood zones

A home insurance policy will insure a home located in a flood zone for the usual perils, such as fire, theft or vandalism.

And to cover flood risk, you can also add additional coverage, known as an endorsement. However, whether or not an insurer accepts to insure a property against flooding generally depends on the risk it represents and its underwriting policies. 

Good to know
If you are planning to buy a home or a cottage, contact your insurance representative. Find out whether your future residence can be insured for flooding, and at what price.


Emergency government assistance

Unless you have private insurance or sufficient coverage, citizens who suffer a loss after a flood may qualify for assistance under the Ministry of Public Safety’s Financial Assistance Program.



Be prepared.
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