All on high winds and insurance

High winds damaged your property or caused a prolonged power outage. Are these types of damages covered by your home insurance? We answer all your questions related to this weather phenomenon and insurances.

Is damage caused by high winds covered?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, damages from high wind is usually covered by your insurance policy.

The first thing to do is to contact your insurer as soon as possible.

If a part of the roof and siding was ripped off by high winds, is it covered?

Damage caused by high winds to the roof or siding is covered by your home insurance policy, whether it is a basic policy or “All Risks” policy.

My car was damaged by flying debris. Is it covered?

The damage is covered by your car insurance policy if you bought “All perils”, “All perils other than collision or upset”, or “Specified perils” coverage.

Due to the power outage, I lost the content of my fridge and freezer. Are these covered?

These losses are covered, usually up to a maximum of $1,000. Note, however, that when making a claim, you must assume the amount of the deductible chosen. It is recommended you take pictures of the content lost, if possible.

Are additional living expenses (ALE) reimbursed under these circumstances?

ALE will be payable only if your home was damaged and you were forced to leave the premises or you were ordered to evacuate by a civil authority.

To know more about ALE, see our article about additional living expenses.

Have you suffered damage?

  • CONTACT your insurer or broker right away to check what your insurance policy covers and to open your claim file as quickly as possible.
  • TAKE STEPS to prevent any further damage to your home.
  • KEEP RECEIPTS for all expenses incurred, whether for accommodation or meals, or for your home.


In all cases, the loss must be COVERED UNDER YOUR INSURANCE POLICY to qualify for reimbursement.

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