Electronic insurance certificate: what to know

The auto insurance industry is moving with the times and now offers its clients the electronic auto insurance certificate.

This development allows drivers to have the certificate on their mobile phone, proof they have mandatory auto insurance, as required by law. 

The e-format is relatively new and it’s up to each insurance company to decide if and when it will offer it to its policyholders. 

A format that respect the law

Having e-proof of insurance is legal. In fact, the Highway Safety Code requires vehicle owners have mandatory insurance, although it doesn’t prescribe what form such proof must take. 

Paper or e-format? It’s your choice. You can choose whatever form of insurance certificate you prefer. However, note that the decision to offer the e-format lies with each company. 


Helpful hints

  • Keep a copy of the electronic certificate of insurance elsewhere than on your phone.  Should you lose your mobile phone, if it’s not working, or if the battery is dead, you’ll still have access to this key document. 
  • Make sure all the drivers of the same vehicle carry proof that the vehicle is insured, whether in paper or e-format. 
  • If you’re driving outside Quebec, make sure the electronic certificate of insurance is accepted.  In Canada, it’s currently authorized in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It can also be used in certain U.S. states. Check ahead if you plan to head over the border. 
  • Choose a lock screen app that allows you to view your insurance certificate on your phone. This way you are sure to protect the personal information on your phone.



Be prepared.
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