Weight of snow

It's important not to let too much snow or ice accumulate on the roof of your house or on your balcony. Avoid a build-up on these structures to prevent them from buckling or collapsing.

Newer homes are built to handle a significant amount of snow build-up. However, snow or ice accumulation can compromise the integrity of a structure and cause damage. 


As an owner, you're responsible for maintaining your home. Make sure that the snow or ice build-up doesn't present a risk to the home's occupants or to passers-by.

To prevent damage, watch out for signs that the structure of your roof is under stress, for example:

  • Cracks on inside walls.
  • Interior doors that jam or stick.
  • Unusual cracking noises.
  • Changes in the ceiling structure.

Entrust the task of having the snow or ice removed from the roof to skilled tradespeople. Make sure the company you hire has good liability coverage.

Will I be compensated for a roof that collapses because the snow wasn’t cleared? 

It’s good to know that an All Perils policy will cover damages caused by the weight of snow or ice, but a Specified Perils policy will not. Some belongings, such as pools, will only be covered if you purchased an endorsement. Make sure to check you insurance policy and understand what you are covered for. 

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Looking for other advice on how to avoid problems with snow or ice build-up? Check out the Régie du bâtiment du Québec web site.


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