Fire extinguishers

Get a fire extinguisher so that you can put out a fire in its early stages. To do so, a fire extinguisher must be right for the type of fire.

Types of fire to put out

  1. Ordinary combustibles, like wood, paper, and plastic.

  2. Flammable liquids like gasoline, grease, and oil-based paint, and flammable gases.

  3. Electrical wiring or household appliances.

Make sure your extinguisher is working properly by inspecting it every 30 days.

Make sure

  • Tamper seals aren't broken or missing.
  • Discharge valves show no sign of degradation, corrosion, leakage, or obstruction.
  • The pressure shown on the manometers (pressure gauges) is normal.
  • The date for the next professional inspection or servicing hasn't expired.
  • Have your refillable extinguisher inspected and serviced by a professional.

Using your extinguisher

  1. Pull the pin.

  2. Aim downward.

  3. Squeeze the lever.

  4. Sweep from side to side, aiming the jet toward the base of the fire.



Be prepared.
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