7 tips to save on your premium

You’re shopping for car insurance or you’ve discovered that it will cost you more than you expected to insure your car. Here are things you can do to save money.

1. Choose your car and its accessories carefully

Every car has its price when the time comes to insure it. Its value, its equipment, the cost to replace or repair it, theft or accident risks—all these factors affect the premium. It’s best to know this before deciding on a vehicle.

2. Shop around

Get quotes from several insurers and compare them, making sure they provide the same coverage. The premium charged could vary significantly, meaning that you could get a better deal.

3. Choose the same insurer for your home and car

Whether you rent or own your home, you probably have home insurance.Having the same insurer for your home and auto insurance can usually get you a discount.

Also, find out about the different programs that your insurer offers. You may be eligible for other discounts.

4. Increase the deductible amount

If you increase the deductible, your premium should decrease. Remember, however, that the deductible is the amount that you must pay in the event of a claim. Make sure the savings are worth it.

5. See to your credit

Having a good credit report usually results in a better premium. However, you must give your consent for your insurer to take it into account when determining your premium.

6. Drive safely

Most traffic accidents are the result of carelessness, speeding or impaired driving. By driving safely, you reduce the risk of an accident, maintain a good driving record and benefit from a better premium.

7. Reduce distractions

Driving requires your full attention. Avoid all distractions while you’re behind the wheel: Texting, fiddling with the radio, putting on makeup and checking your cell phone are some of the things you should avoid doing while driving.



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