Home tips

Renting out your home for short-term?

Are you thinking of putting your home up for rent for short-term? Once a month, or every weekend? Then you need to talk to your insurer.

Home prevention

10 items that should be part of your emergency kit

If there were an emergency situation, would you be able to cope for three days without tap water, electricity, or outside help?

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Your home is in a flood zone

New mapping shows that your residence is located in a flood zone? We have answers to your questions.

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Do co-owners need home insurance?

You may well ask if co-owners need home insurance, since the condo corporation already has an insurance policy.

Home prevention

Weight of snow

It's important not to let too much snow or ice accumulate on the roof of your house or on your balcony. Find out more.

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Insuring an old house

Here are a few useful tips that will assist you in finding and purchasing an appropriate insurance product for your older property.


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