Home tips

7 tips to save on your premium

If you’re shopping for home insurance or you’ve discovered that it will cost you more than you expected to insure your house, condo or apartment, here are some ways to save money.

Auto tips

Do you provide paid passenger transportation?

if you offer paid ridesharing with your car on Uber or Eva coop, what should you know about car insurance policies?

Business tips

11 tips to reduce cyber risk

These tips may help you protect your organization against the harmful effects of data hacking.

Home tips

Floods: filing your claim

Your home is flooded by an overflow of a body of water. Where do you file your claim?

Auto tips

Endorsement 27: coverage for damage to vehicles you do not own

Do you sometimes borrow or rent a vehicle? You can be insured! Click to learn more!

Auto prevention

9 rules for safe winter driving

Adopting winter driving habits can prevent car accidents.


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