Auto prevention

Driver fatigue: know your limits

You may well be in a hurry to get somewhere, confident about your skills and reflexes, and finding solutions to stay awake. However, fatigue is something you can’t control, even with a lot of willpower. Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of death on Québec roads, after speeding and drinking.

Auto prevention

Distracted driving: an avoidable risk

Not focusing your full attention on the road when driving can have tragic consequences. Don’t let anything distract your attention from the road. Driving demands concentration.

Home prevention

Weight of snow

It's important not to let too much snow or ice accumulate on the roof of your house or on your balcony. Find out more.

Home prevention

Going away on vacation?

Going away on vacation? Prevent theft and vandalism at home.

Auto prevention

9 rules for safe winter driving

Adopting winter driving habits can prevent car accidents.

Home tips

5 tips to prevent water damage

These five suggestions will help you prevent water damage to your property.