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Earthquakes: do you know what to do?

An intense earthquake can weaken buildings and disrupt utilities. Here’s how to protect yourself and what to do during an earthquake.

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Making access to home insurance easier

Did you know that there is a process to help consumers obtain an insurance policy to cover their primary residence when they have difficulty finding one on their own?

Home prevention

Ice storm and freezing rain

Ice storm and freezing rain are feared weather phenomenon due to the weight of ice that can do a lot of damage to buildings and outdoor structures. Read our tips to reduce risk of damage.

Home prevention

6 ways to prevent fires in your home 

The average cost for residential fires was $95,999 in 2019. Here are some best practices to adopt at home to prevent a distraction from causing major damage. 

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Claims in co-ownership : obligations and recourses of syndicates

When a loss occurs in a condominium, its syndicate generally finds itself in one of the four distinctives situations. Find out which ones in this article.

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Damages in co-ownership: payment options of syndicates

In all loss damaging property covered by the syndicate's insurance, the syndicate will have a choice between two payment methods. Find out what they are in this article.


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