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Car accident? Expect delays in settling your claim

With supply issues affecting many sectors, including the automotive repair and sales industry, there are repercussions on insurance claims settlements.

Auto tips

Replacement cost insurance: learn about the provisions of your contract

Did you just have a fender bender or a major accident? Has your vehicle been stolen? Here’s what you need to know if you have replacement cost coverage.

Did you know? (auto)

Passenger transport: is your car insurance enough?

You are a driver using the Uber or Eva platforms? Make sure to check with your insurer that you have the right coverage. Here’s why.

Did you know? (auto)

Total loss vehicle: what you need to know

At what point does your insurer no longer consider it worthwhile to repair your damaged vehicle? What happens next? Is there anything else you can do?

Did you know? (auto)

Flooded vehicle: what to do?

Think water damage only affects your home? Think again. Snowmelt, torrential rains, rising waters, or sewer back-up, they all represent a risk to drivers.

Did you know? (auto)

Bill from the fire department: do you have to pay?

The fire department come to put out a fire in your car. To your great surprise, you get a bill for the services you received. Do you have to pay it?


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