Business tips

Using your personal vehicle for work

Why your insurer needs to know if you use your vehicle for work.

Home tips

Ready to be a co-owner?

Perceptions about condo life. Find out which might not be so true.

Home tips

Earthquake preparedness

Earthquake preparedness: while you can’t prevent them, there are steps you can take to deal with them.

Auto tips

Newcomer to insurance: starting out right

You have started to drive. Whether you have a learner's or a probationary licence, you must inform your insurer immediately. Click to find out more.

Auto tips


Earning extra income may be attractive, but before you think about ride-sharing, contact your insurer. In fact, You need to inform your insurance company if you make a different use of your vehicle.

Auto prevention

Safe driving for ATV

Consult these safety measures to enjoy your ATV ride.


Be prepared.
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