Did you know? (home)

Why does my home insurance cost more?

Your home insurance is costing you more and you’re wondering why. Here are 3 reasons.

Did you know? (auto)

Car insurance in Quebec: sorting out the truth

Much is said about car insurance in Quebec. Let’s sort out the truth by looking at the facts.

Did you know? (home)

Why have tenant insurance?

Why have tenant insurance? Here are 5 good reasons.

Home tips

Vacations and insurance: leave your worries behind

You’re about to enjoy a well-deserved rest during your vacation. What do you need to know about insurance to rest easy? Here are some scenarios to consider.

8 things condo syndicates should know

The laws and regulations governing co-ownership have resulted in various changes and obligations that are important to know, as are certain particularities relative to condo insurance.

Auto tips

Do you provide paid passenger transportation?

if you offer paid ridesharing with your car on Uber or Eva coop, what should you know about car insurance policies?


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