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Are you hiring movers or will your friends and family give you a hand? No matter your choice, there are insurance questions you need to ask.

Did you know? (home)

Your home and landslides

New mapping shows that your home is located in a land-use constraint zone because of the risk of earth movement. What to do?

Did you know? (home)

Earthquakes and insurance

Did you know it? There are two types of insurable damages resulting from earthquakes.

Did you know? (home)

New roommate

Do you have to add your new roommate to your insurance policy? Find out.

Did you know? (home)

Credit record and insurance

You shop around for insurance. Your agent or broker asks for your consent to consult your credit record. Why, you may well ask?

Did you know? (home)

Renovating your home

You’re ready to renovate. Whatever the improvements you make to your home, let your insurer know.


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