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Earthquakes: do you know what to do?

An intense earthquake can weaken buildings and disrupt utilities. Here’s how to protect yourself and what to do during an earthquake.

Home tips

Fall tips for your home

Autumn weather means leaves that fall in number, strong winds and continuous rain. It also means it’s time to do the last checks of the house before the arrival of the first cold.

Home tips

7 tips to save on your premium

If you’re shopping for home insurance or you’ve discovered that it will cost you more than you expected to insure your house, condo or apartment, here are some ways to save money.

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Vacations and insurance: leave your worries behind

You’re about to enjoy a well-deserved rest during your vacation. What do you need to know about insurance to rest easy? Here are some scenarios to consider.

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Renting out your home for short-term?

Are you thinking of putting your home up for rent for short-term? Once a month, or every weekend? Then you need to talk to your insurer.

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Is your dog insured?

Why is it important to inform your insurer if you have an animal, or if you plan to adopt one, especially a dog?


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