Home prevention

Snowstorms and winter storms

Here are some tips to prevent damage caused by water infiltration and snow weight.

Home prevention

Extreme cold

See our tips to better conserve the heat of your home.

Home prevention

Ice storm and freezing rain

Ice storm and freezing rain are feared weather phenomenon due to the weight of ice that can do a lot of damage to buildings and outdoor structures. Read our tips to reduce risk of damage.

Home prevention

Five tips to protect your computer

You need to protect it against cyber risks. See our 5 tips to protect your personal computer.

Home prevention

6 ways to prevent fires in your home 

The average cost for residential fires was $95,999 in 2019. Here are some best practices to adopt at home to prevent a distraction from causing major damage. 

Home prevention

Water damage: maintaining is preventing!

Faulty sanitary fixtures and human error make up 23% of claims paid by insurers—and can sometimes be avoided. Putting these best practices to use can save you from serious trouble. 


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