In which cases does your home insurance policy offers protection? Find out what is covered and what is not.

Water damage

Your insurance protects you against water damage, but not in all cases. It all depends on the coverage you chose when you purchased your policy (endorsements added) and the cause of the disaster: 

  • Damage caused by a sanitary installation:

  • Damage caused by a city water main break:

  • Damage caused by water seepage:
    Covered if you purchased coverage

  • Damage caused by sewer back-up:
    Covered if you purchased coverage

  • Damage caused by flooding when a body of water overflows:
    Covered if you purchased coverage (new insurance product offered by some insurers only at this time)

– Financial assistance is also available in certain cases under the financial assistance program for disaster victims of the ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec

You can also consult our article entitled 9 questions about flood insurance.


Theft and vandalism

  • Covered



  • Covered


Snow or freezing rain

Examples of coverage

  • A tree branch weighed down by snow or ice falls on the porch of your home and damages the railing.

  • The table on your deck collapses under the weight of the snow.
    Covered most times if you have Comprehensive coverage

  • Snow or ice accumulation causes part of your roof to collapse.
    Covered  most times if you have Comprehensive coverage

  • The snow and ice accumulated on your roof starts to melt and the water seeps onto your ceiling.
    Covered if you added Water Damage – Above Ground Water Coverage

  • Your cedar hedge collapses under the weight of the snow after the last snow storm.
    Not covered

  • The last power outage lasted so long that you lost all the food in your freezer.
    Covered, but for a maximum amount of $1,000. Verify your insurance contract.


Tornadoes, strong winds and hail

Examples of coverage

  • Your gazebo was damaged during the last hail storm.

  • Your roof was damaged during the last wind storm.

  • Your tomato plants were seriously damaged by hail.
    Not covered

  • A tree on your property was uprooted by strong wind gusts.
    Not covered



  • Damages resulting from the earthquake itself:
    Covered if you purchased coverage

  • Coverage for damages from fire, explosion or smoke after the earthquake:
    For some, covered by their home insurance policy, while for others, it is added to their insurance policy through an endorsement.

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