Going away on vacation?

You can reduce the risk of a break-in while you’re away by adopting these good habits. Here are 10 simple tips to help prevent theft while you’re away.

  1. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and newspapers, keep your sidewalk and driveway tidy and park their car in your driveway.
  2. If you’re going away for several weeks, ask for your subscriptions to be suspended or delivered to another address until you return.
  3. Install light timers with random settings. These inexpensive devices give the impression that someone is home.
  4. Consider installing a home security system and motion detectors outside—they can deter burglars.
  5. Inspect your home before you leave: Put bicycles, gardening tools and snow removal tools away and lock your shed. Give your trees and shrubs a good pruning to ensure a clear view of your home.
  6. If you need to load luggage into your car, do so in your garage, if possible, to avoid announcing the fact that you’re leaving to potential thieves.
  7. Leave curtains and blinds in the position you would normally have them if you were at home. Noticeable changes in the appearance of your home may signal your absence.
  8. Protect your easily accessible windows by blocking those that slide horizontally with a piece of wood, for example.
  9. Keep your jewellery, valuables and important documents out of sight. Place these in your home safe if you have one, or in a safety deposit box at the bank.
  10. Don’t mention your vacation plans in casual conversations, emails or on social media.



Be prepared.
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