Prevent theft and vandalism outside your home

Here are some good practices to pick up to prevent theft and vandalism outside of your residence.

Doors and windows

  • Exterior doors should be solid, made of wood and metal clad.
  • It's preferable to install a peep hole rather than a chain lock.
  • It's preferable to have 2.54 cm or (1") deadbolt locks on exterior doors.
  • To prevent sliding doors from being lifted up, slid along or removed from their tracks, they should be equipped with:
  1. A security plate and/or screw in the upper track;

  2. A metal security bar or piece of wood in the lower track (removable to provide an exit in an emergency).

  • Windows should be equipped with a locking device.
  • Sliding windows must have:
  1. A screw fastened into the upper track;

  2. A security bar or piece of wood in the lower track (removable to provide an exit in an emergency).

Garage and tool-shed

  • Install an appropriate lock on garage doors.
  • Never leave the garage door open while you're away.
  • Where applicable, the inside door connecting the garage to the house should be equipped with a deadbolt.
  • The tool-shed should have adequate locks.
  • The tool-shed and garage should be made of a rigid material or protected with security bars, curtains or blinds to prevent someone from looking in.

On the perimeter

  • Make sure there aren't any objects lying around that could be used to break into your home (ladder, tools, etc.) or objects that could be stolen (lawnmower, bicycle, snow blower, etc.).
  • The street number should be visible at the front and back (where necessary) of the house, to help police or other emergency services personnel to identify your residence.


  • All the access means to your home should be well lit, including temporary shelters in the winter (for cars and entrances).
  • Motion-activated lights can be very effective at dissuading a thief who risks being seen. However, they must be correctly calibrated to avoid the sensor being activated unnecessarily (i.e. a passing animal).


  • Skylights should be equipped with a locking mechanism.
  • Vent openings should have resistant locking devices.



Be prepared.
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