Prevent theft and vandalism at home

Here are a few good practices to pick up to prevent theft and vandalism at home.


  • Never write your contact information (name, address, telephone number or licence plate number) down on your key chain. Should you lose it, someone could use the information to break into your home.


  • Lock doors and windows when you leave home.
  • Never tell people you're going to be away (either in person, in writing or on your voice mail, e-mail or on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter).
  • Never write your name on your mail box. A thief could look up your phone number and check whether you're home.

Moving into your new home

  • When moving into a new home, it's strongly recommended you change the locks.

Voice mail

  • Never give out the phone number on your recorded voice-mail message.
  • Never say that you're away on the recorded message.
  • On the recorded message, say 'we' rather than give the names of the residents, even if you live alone.
  • Call in to pick up any messages and empty your voice-mail box to make sure it's not full.



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