Avoid vandalism

No one likes to see that their car has been vandalized at the end of an evening out. You can take measures to prevent this kind of damage.

5 effective measures

  1. Protect your car by installing an alarm system. The noise emitted by this type of system puts off vandals. 

  2. Choose a well-lit parking lot. For example, a busy and well-lit street discourages wrongdoers from vandalizing your car. 

  3. Avoid parking near large crowds. 

  4. Choose parking lots with an attendant. Having someone on the parking premises discourages wrongdoers from acting. 

  5. Never leave valuable objects in plain sight in your car. This only encourages thieves to vandalize your car in order to steal them.


Were your belongings stolen from your car?

Your home insurance will cover items stolen from your car. Compensation is generally limited to 10% of your personal property coverage.

Was your car vandalized and was your laptop stolen? Then you'll have two claims to file. One to your car insurer for the damage to the vehicle. And the other to your home insurer for the theft of your laptop. 

Don't have home insurance? In that case, you won't be covered for the items stolen from your car.  


Be prepared.
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