Tornadoes in Gatineau: what you should know

For residents of Gatineau and neighbouring communities affected by  tornadoes and violent winds, note that the majority of home and auto insurance policies cover material damage caused by this kind of natural disaster.

“Given the diverse choices made by policyholders for home insurance, we advise them to contact their insurer to report the damage suffered and to check what is covered under their insurance policy”, stated Line Crevier, Supervisor, Technical Affairs at IBC. 

In auto insurance, wind damage is covered if the policyholder has All Perils, All Perils other than Collision or Upset, or Specified Perils coverage.

If the home presents no danger that could compromise the safety of the homeowners, policyholders can then take certain measures to protect their belongings, and thus avoid further damage.

“If you do suffer a loss, it is important to take steps to prevent further damage.  We also advise victims to keep all invoices or vouchers for expenses incurred as a result of the loss, and to take photos or a video of the damaged property,” added Ms. Crevier.  

Additional expenses that policyholders incur for lodging and food if they are evacuated, or if their homes become uninhabitable, are also covered under home insurance policies. This is why it is important to keep receipts for expenses incurred in this regard.

Victims can contact IBC’s Insurance Information Centre by phone at 1-877-288-4321 or 514-288-4321.

They will also find relevant information on our site:


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