Auto prevention

Speeding: an unnecessary risk

Speed is one of the main causes of accidents on the roads. When you find out that speeding only saves 2 or 3 minutes per trip, it can give you food for thought.

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Car insurance in Quebec: sorting out the truth

Much is said about car insurance in Quebec. Let’s sort out the truth by looking at the facts.

Home tips

Vacations and insurance: leave your worries behind

You’re about to enjoy a well-deserved rest during your vacation. What do you need to know about insurance to rest easy? Here are some scenarios to consider.

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Flooded vehicle: what to do?

Think water damage only affects your home? Think again. Snowmelt, torrential rains, rising waters, or sewer back-up, they all represent a risk to drivers.

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Insurance and fraud: a scourge for all

In property and casualty insurance, fraud has direct consequences for all policyholders. It drives up the cost of claims, which has a major impact on everyone’s premium.

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The basic principles of insurance

Here are some of the principles that govern auto and home insurance and some answers to explain what they’re based on. 


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