Home prevention

Water damage: maintaining is preventing!

Faulty sanitary fixtures and human error make up 23% of claims paid by insurers—and can sometimes be avoided. Putting these best practices to use can save you from serious trouble. 

Home prevention

Thrifty tips to avoid costly water damage

Whether you own or rent, here are a few simple and thrifty precautions that could save you from a big claim.

Home prevention

Winter and water damage: are you protected?

In winter, incidents like freezing, accumulated snow weight or heating failures while you’re away can cause serious damage to your property.

Home prevention

Flash floods and torrential rains

In summer, a flash floods and torrential rains can quickly arrive and discharge a significant amount of water. To avoid infiltration and overflow, prevention is always the best protection.

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Flooded vehicle: what to do?

Think water damage only affects your home? Think again. Snowmelt, torrential rains, rising waters, or sewer back-up, they all represent a risk to drivers.

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Insuring your home against flooding

Flooding occurs regularly in Quebec whether from seasonal snowmelt or natural disasters. Before you find yourself knee-deep in water, find out how you can protect yourself.


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