Home prevention

High winds and tornadoes

​High winds often accompany summer thunderstorms and can happen suddenly, as can tornadoes. To avoid significant damage to your home, nothing is better than prevention and few precautions.

Home prevention

Flash floods and torrential rains

In summer, a flash floods and torrential rains can quickly arrive and discharge a significant amount of water. To avoid infiltration and overflow, prevention is always the best protection.

How well do you handle yourself when you drive?

While it’s often influenced by weather or traffic, driving is also affected by behaviours that compromise both your safety and the safety of others.

Auto prevention

Speeding: an unnecessary risk

Speed is one of the main causes of accidents on the roads. When you find out that speeding only saves 2 or 3 minutes per trip, it can give you food for thought.

Home tips

7 tips to save on your premium

If you’re shopping for home insurance or you’ve discovered that it will cost you more than you expected to insure your house, condo or apartment, here are some ways to save money.

Home prevention

Extreme heat and wildfires

Periods of extreme heat and the risk of wildfires happen every year. It's never too late to adapt and take steps to protect your home.


Be prepared.
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